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Charley’s Philly steaks concept from Columbus Ohio, Its one of the fastest growing QSR concept in the world. Charley’s has more than 630 outlets in USA and around the world.

Byun Company president and owner opened his first restaurant in 2008 inside the Mall of Arabia Jeddah Region. Byun company has franchise rights to open charley’s Philly Steaks across the Saudi Arabia. Mr. Mansour has formed a team of professionals targeted at the development of brand equity and store expansion to maximize charley’s Philly Steaks impact on the Sandwiches niche of the QSR sector.

Recent food and lifestyle trends show that today’s restaurant patrons want quick service- but not necessarily those offered by “fast food” formulas. The Casual concept that charley’s Philly Steaks offers its diners is a high-quality quick-service experience; with premium foods; energetic and attentive employees; enjoyed in a comfortable store ambience and within a fun “watch-it-cooking” atmosphere. There is no compromising on taste with charley’s premium fresh products and made-to-order service that fulfills every customer food preference.


After more than 12 years of doing business, charley’s Philly Steaks has been recognized at the top of numerous national lists for successful brands, entrepreneurship and management. A key strength of our operation is the ongoing development & support provided by the professional management team and productive programs. The team at Charley’s consistently develops products that taste the best and then they provide the training and expertise to make it and consistently serve it right.

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