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The idea began for us to bring light, healthy food the Saudi citizen, and we searched for more than a hundred different products and brands until we found Daily Fresh as a company and product that meets the needs of the gourmet Saudi market

While Daily Fresh Foods has been active in caring for the environment and local communities throughout its history of business operations, the company has embarked on a journey towards long-term sustainability of the company. Our goal is to promote sustainability to achieve our business goals, environmental policy, and social responsibility. We believe we can do this by improving our business performance by achieving operational efficiency and cost savings through a more sustainable business model.

In short, when it comes to quality agricultural products, especially sweet corn, one name comes to mind, Daily Fresh.

Under the Daily Fresh brand, the company promotes ready-to-eat snacks and the popular cup of sweet corn, to satisfy customers' cravings for sweet and savory snacks. Daily Fresh is marketed via the café or kiosk concept at malls Great shopping to reach the target market who prefers a comfortable and convenient environment.

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