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What is the Garam Masala meaning in Hindi ,Urdu ?


•   Garam means hot & chili, while masala means a mix of the original spices which are used in your restaurants. 


•    Mixture of spices in Indian dishes is very common in south Asian region and very much liked by all nationalities.



Garam Masala is a casual dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavors to stimulate the palate and gratify the senses.


At Garam Masala we change the notion that Indian haute cuisine can only be created using age old recipes and ideas. Each element of Garam Masala upturns traditional expectations.


We believe that the food like the people should constantly evolve and adapt. Our team creates dishes and a menu combining Indian ingredients with local and international produce and Indian cooking techniques with a colonial design template.


This exquisite restaurant is ideal for intimate events and large corporate functions with elegant seating and private dining facilities. We hope you enjoy being pampered with the magic of the past and flavors of the present.

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