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A new initiative started in Menuel Company ,already reaching out beyond Europe, Manuel Caffè has devised a franchise system with a success-guaranteed format : Spazio Caffè represents the typical Italian coffee shop with a cosmopolitan feel.
Ideal for a quick break or a relaxing pause with friends and even a point of reference for some serious retail therapy, The new coffee bar concept that launches the Italian coffee break style.
Spazio Caffé is the new coffee bar concept by Manuel Caffé that moves beyond the idea of classic bars and clubs, Customers can drink, eat, meet up, buy something a bit different and special, or simply relax and enjoy a treat, It meets the modern “slow -fast” philosophy , adapting itself to the pace of every consumer type.
Excellent Italian-style, not only with its products but also with its service, It serves coffee with the added value of an emotional human dimension and unique consumption, A chance to savor gourmet products with excellent content: natural, fresh and genuine.

An original modern brand with elegant essential personality.
The coffee bean, immediately recognisable and easy to decode,
is the raw material that acts as a pivot for development of both brand and project.
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